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Video tutorial - How to fix all tracking issues in TrackMan

Tracking issues can be fixed by re-calibrating the TrackMan unit. The videos below demonstrate how to calibrate, and how to restart Trackman software / system if needed.

Calibrate TrackMan, all methods (before a session and during a session) :

Trackman software not responding / frozen? How to restart Trackman and system :

Video tutorial - My readings are off how do I re-calibrate TrackMan?

Here is a quick video on how to calibrate TrackMan (before a session and during a session) :

The projector is not on, what do I do?

Projector will be active 5 minutes before your session starts. In most cases the projector will turn on. You check the status of the projector the appointments section of your profile. Please take a look at the following article and jump to step 3: Choose "Unlock" or "Turn on devices"

If projector status is on under your appointments, then you will need to turn the projector on by using the white remote provided at each bay. If you are still unable to turn the projector on, please give us a call.

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