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Video tutorial - How to login, book, find my package hours balance and credits?

Logging in is a simple process. Once you reach our booking portal, simply click "Log in" at the top left hand corner of your desktop screen.

Please ensure you select the correct location prior to booking. Book here :

Please see link below for video tutorial:

Video tutorial - How to create a new account & reset my password?

We recently updated to a new booking system with various benefits to give you more control over your bookings.

This video will demonstrate how to create a new account, or reset your password.

How to Open Door, Get Status of Tracking, Monitor and Projector with my smart phone?

Log in, and click the "Customer Profile" button on your smart phone.

Log in to your account here :

Please see the article below:

What is a service confirmation email?

Here is an example of what the service confirmation email looks like:

This email will provide important instructions to access our facilities, and helpful information regarding the bay you booked.

The ball is not tracking, what do I do?

Reason 1, Current booked session has not started yet.
Reason 2, There is more than one ball on strike mat.
Reason 3, Ball is placed outside tracking area on the strike mat (too far forward/backward or too close to the right or left edge of the strike mat)

When will my golf simulator be on?

Swing Monitor will be turned on when your booking time starts and will be turned off after your session is finished. The golf shots can’t be registered after your booking time is up.

How do I cancel or reschedule my reservation?

You may cancel or reschedule your booking up to 24 hours in advance for credit or full refund. The system will automatically refund you if changes are made 24 hours in advance.

Here is an article to guide you through the process:

The process is the same to reschedule. Just cancel your booking 24 hours in advance, and select the new date and time desired.

We are not able to refund or re-schedule any bookings with less than 24 hours notice.

Video tutorial - How to use/find my loyalty points

Please check this quick video tutorial :

NEXT Loyalty program details:

Redeem your points on checkout, it' really easy!

Redeem points for as low as 30mintues of practice time, and your points will never expire.

Automatic enrollment, earn instantly! Already have an account? You'll be earning points on your bookings automatically!

Earn 10 points for every $1 spent on bay rentals

1 Free hour for Uneekor open bay : 2200

1 Free hour for Uneekor private bay : 2800

1 Free hour for TrackMan private bay : 3800

Where can I search for more answers?

Please feel free to check out our help center. You will find articles with helpful images and/or videos.

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